Sunday, October 18, 2009


like:newly born baby
since i was child i am so curious how i am born to this world; but since i study psychology i understand it very well; in relation in psychology i learned that their are 4 areas of change over the lifespan,but i only include 1 as i discuss;
1.the newly born baby
depending on the nutrients available to the child within pregnancy and the genetic make up of the child, most healthy babies weight between 5 and 8 pounds.since the placenta is absent,which previously provided the baby with nutrients, food is required for the metabolic processes and the continued growth of the baby.
I really like this video because it deals in promoting life and how a child or a baby see the most precious thing "the environment" or everything what we see is our environment..

I dont like this video because it so immoral and it is anti life and most of all it is against GOD laws; in relation in psychology it is what we could kholberg moral...we all know what is wright and what is wrong.